Lonnetta Albright is one of the most dynamic and transformative speakers, facilitators and coaches who has worked nationally and internationally (Canada, the Caribbean and Africa) adding value to and changing the lives of thousands.  Her expertise lies not only in connecting with her clients and audiences; but also in her ability to take complex ideas and concepts, breaking them down into practical and thought-provoking blocks and presenting that very same information in an exciting, learnable and inspirational way. Her approaches and strategies are not just about personal and professional development – she helps her clients get results!  Her “Heart-Mind-Time (HMT) program has impacted countless lives!

Watch Ms. Albright’s interview with Erika Gilchrist – Women Thriving Fearlessly (WTF) online talk show.

She is President and Owner of Forward Movement Inc. a small minority and female-owned company.  She is also a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker and member of the John Maxwell Team. For the past 17 years Lonnetta has served as Executive Director of the Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center (Great Lakes ATTC) at the University of Illinois /Jane Addams College of Social Work.  She began her professional life as a high school teacher and then was propelled on a professional journey in the Human Services field.  For close to 30 years she has built a tremendous career, reputation and professional life as an administrator, manager, leader, trainer, public speaker, mentor and coach.  The knowledge, skills, networks and people that have crossed her path have helped to create a life that is worthy; intentionally focused on adding value to others.  And while she is a sought after coach, trainer, speaker, system change consultant and mentor to many; she believes that her God-given purpose and destiny has something more for her to do.

As a life-long learner who understands the value in “growing self first”, her interest in positive psychology, human behavior, strength-based approaches, behavioral and public health; and the science that supports them all has not only increased her own understanding but has meant that her clients and audiences experience meaningful and real changes that shift their mindsets and behavior in ways that can be applied immediately. She is clear that her passion is working with and growing new leaders, new thinkers; and also women — helping them to find their way, face their fears, hold on to and build upon their dreams to transform their lives.

Her own questions such as: Should she turn her back on a successful career to follow her passion?  Can she do them both?  Is her passion and profession compatible?  How can she reconcile her heart and mind?  How can she align her professional and personal goals and dreams?  And how in the midst of all of this will she take care of herself, her family and loved ones and ensure a life that includes physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being? These are also questions on the minds of many who come to her for coaching, mentoring, training, and consultation.  She is happy and honored to share her experiences, lessons and answers to help others understand that they can live the life that they aspire to.

Her destiny is to serve.  Her purpose and niche leads her to a commitment to people, especially those whom she affectionately calls the “Next Generation”.  She’s supported and encouraged by a loving family and a network of friends who know her well.  They help to ensure her balance and resiliency. She is grounded by a lesson and a gift from her mother many years ago – “In all thy ways acknowledge God and he will direct thy paths”.  And from her father, a man of few but profound words – “Always do the right thing”.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education, graduate studies in Public Administration, she is also certified by the John Maxwell International Team, Valorie Burton and the CaPP Institute accredited by the International Coach Federation, the American Management Association, and holds a Certificate of Law for Community Developers from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

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