IMG_5603Lonnetta Albright is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach.  She is a national and internationally recognized speaker and presenter. For the past 17 years her educational and motivational speaking has reached thousands. Her presentations are both educational and motivational, always calling her audiences to Action! Areas of expertise and focus include: Leadership Development; Personal Growth; Change and Transformation; Reconciliation: Heart and Mind; Aligning Purpose and Profession; How to shift your thinking; and How to be even better than you think you can be! Her broad experience allows her to tailor and customize presentations to fit your needs.

IMG_5605Now, you can bring Lonnetta directly to your organization, not-for-profit, community and faith-based institutions to provide leadership training solutions, professional and growth development for staff and teams, Lunch and Learns, and Mastermind groups.    Growth organizations know that continued development of their people determines the future of their company or institution. The only way to continue to prosper in your organization is to continue to pour into your people and elevate your organization. The best way to do that is through employee leadership development, and personal growth strategies. From small, in-depth coaching sessions, to intimate roundtable discussions, to convention halls filled with thousands, Lonnetta Albright is able to connect with your people and move your organization to the next level! Her ability to take complex ideas and concepts, breaking them down into practical and thought-provoking blocks and presenting that very same information in an exciting, learnable and inspirational way has transformed organizations, counties, state systems and countries.

IMG_5542Lonnetta is known for her authenticity, compassion, humor and respect for diversity.  Her customized messages are designed with her clients and begin with in-depth query and assessment to ensure that unique culture, needs and environments are at the foundation.  When you engage Lonnetta, your audience will be enlightened and inspired to accomplish success and greatness at a whole new level. Experience for yourself the full possibilities that Lonnetta brings.

If you are interested in booking Lonnetta for an event please complete and submit the “Book Me” form or call 708-608-0364